Miracle Ball Method for an Ageless Body: 8-Week Class Series

Miracle Ball Method for an Ageless Body: 8-Week Class Series


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Ageless Body: Alleviate pain, move freely, and combat the effects of aging

Start Date: Saturday, April 22 1-2:30 ET

Cost: $249,

Members Only – Additional 10% Off at Check Out

Class size is limited, please e-mail elaine@elainepetrone.com with questions.

Individual Workshops are available $35. Click here to purchase.

We train ourselves to age. Unknowingly we get weaker over time, using strategies of movement that can make our muscles tight and sometimes painful.

People don’t lose the ability to move, they lose the ability to feel key areas of the body.

Since the Miracle Ball Method works through your nervous system, its reconnecting body to brain. Your body will realign and adjust as it was always meant to do. This will bring much needed circulation into your body. The best part, you will continue to go in the right direction.   Get started now.

Each class will include:

  • Discover five key areas mostly overlooked.
  • Begin incorporating these areas into your everyday life.
  • Understanding oppositional stretching
  • Using the balls effectively to develop your nervous system.
  • Relieving common areas of chronic pain, like low back, hips, neck, and shoulders
  • Make breathing easy all day.
  • Finding your natural Balance and Posture
  • Toning your muscles for flexibility and strength.

Classes are held on the Zoom App.