Breathe Through The Holidays! (4 Workshops)

Breathe Through The Holidays! (4 Workshops)



Holiday Workshop Series: Breathe Through The Holidays!

Dates and Time: Beginning Saturday December 2 and 16, January 6th and 20th. 1-3 est pm.

Investment: $195

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Class size is limited, please e-mail with questions.

All of the Workshops include Ball Placements, Breathing and Whole Body Moves. These two-hour workshops give plenty of time to place the balls under several areas of the body, and to then begin to move using oppositional stretch. Find your core, and center of gravity to gain strength and suppleness at the same time. All the workshops will help you discover its not the movements you do, but how you do movement. That is the missing link between movement giving you pleasure, or pain.

Find relief from long lived patterns of movement through a simple change in how you move your hands and feet. Low back aches, neck and shoulder tension, sciatic pain, knee issues will begin to move into the background as you regain confidence to move.

In these workshops I will be going into the movement of arms and legs, while paying special attention to knees, hands, feet and elbows to rotate hips and shoulders. It gives a magical connection throughout the body. This is something you can take with you and practice throughout your life. I hope to see you there.

Classes are held on the Zoom App.