Strengthening Your Core 8 Week Workshop

Strengthening Your Core 8 Week Workshop



Strengthening Your Core using The Miracle Ball Method

8 week series begins April 20th

Cost of workshop $295

Members take an additional 10% off with member discount code.

“You can’t move what you don’t feel”

Strengthening the core is only possible through using the whole body. You cannot isolate it from the rest of the body as traditional exercise suggests. You have to experience how uniquely included it is in every movement you do. It makes you want to move more, because it begins to make sense. No one should feel frustrated when wanting to strengthen their core, but inspired.

Other Benefits:

Strengthening your core will also reduce stiffness, increase strength through the body, ease backaches and tight shoulders, while improving posture and balance. We have a lot to do!

Along with all the benefits of doing the Miracle Ball Method there will be an emphasis on:

  • Finding your Parts
  • Moving Key Areas
  • Oppositional stretching

The Miracle Ball Method is the power of your nervous system. As the directions increase feeling, your nervous system goes to work. You begin to move differently. Weekly we will repeat movements that improve strengthening your core because we “do it different”. All areas of your body move and your core begins to work.

The Learn More:

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