How do I access Live Zoom Classes?

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How do I access Live Zoom Classes?

After you purchase the classes you’ll be granted access to a page on the website where you can choose the day and time you signed up for and a link to the ZOOM meeting will be provided to you.

You may log-into the website at any time by entering your username and password.  You will be redirected to the PRODUCT LIBRARY page where you will have access to your purchased items. Click on the link or the product image to access your Zoom class links.

We encourage you to check your links prior to the start of class. Make sure you have the correct date and time. Once the class begins, Elaine will be unable to respond if you have trouble getting in.

The links for each class change every month and previous months links will not work. Please log in to access the most recent class links.

You may access your Membership content or Zoom Class links on any device that connects to the internet such as your desktop computer, tablet or phone. Please ensure that you have the ZOOM App on the device you with to use to access the Zoom Classes.

If you have purchased Live Zoom classes you will have to click on “Live Zoom Classes” to access the links to join the classes regardless if you are a part of the Miracle Ball Membership or not.

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