2 Hour Summer Workshop Series (Individual Workshops)

2 Hour Summer Workshop Series (Individual Workshops)


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2 Hour Summer Workshop Series

Dates:  June 29th, July 13th, 20th, 27th August 3rd and 10th

Times:  1-3pm ET

Investment $50 for each workshop or $295 for all 6.
Members receive an additional 10% off using your Discount Code

Each of these workshops are based on the last several months of webinars. You can take one or all six. They are spread out throughout the summer beginning June 29.

  • Why your back hurts? Discovering a key area to relieve low back ache will also benefit knee and feet problems, sciatic pain, hip problems, while improving core strength posture and more.

  • Antidotes to aging! May of us as we age are hunched over computers, phones, steering wheels, kitchen counters, reinforcing stiffness, poor posture, and even chronic pain throughout our lives. Learn how the Miracle ball Method works to benefit you and be your lifetime antidote to stop training yourself to age.

  • Strengthening your core. The old paradigm of exercise doesn’t work without using those exercises with a sense of your whole body. Strengthening your core requires you to change the dialogue with your body whether you are doing sports, taking a walk, or simply want to improve your stretching routine. Feels amazing and works.

  • Breathing and Small Movement Therapy (SMT) Breathing improves metabolism, burns calories, relives stress and anxiety, stiffness and even pain. Combined with SMT that you can do anywhere, even in bed, to open key areas of the body while improving circulation. A great way to spend 2 hours and take with you ways to practice on your own.

  • Improve Posture, Balance, and Negative effects of Scoliosis. Improving posture and the way we are aligned usually takes us in a direction of “what to do”. Understanding through your senses, your own way of standing, breathing, lying down and sitting, allows you to go deeply into changing and improving your balance, posture, and key areas of the body.
  • Oppositional stretching This 2-hour workshop will include several newer ball placements and breathing, but take us into standing, sitting, and lying down using oppositional stretching. A great way to strengthen all parts of the body and to awaken to the possibilities of moving freely.

Classes are held on the Zoom App.

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Summer Dates

August 10, August 3, July 13, July 20, July 27, June 29