Miracle Ball Method Bench

Miracle Ball Method Bench


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New Arrival!

This custom bench is excellent to recover at the end of a busy day. The angle of your calves on the bench allows your pelvis to align with your lower back, relieving tight back muscles , improving your breathing for an overall sense of well-being. it’s also a great height for sitting and doing the miracle ball method.

Custom height: to measure for your best height measure from your heel to the back of your knee crease. To be sure this is the height that works best for you compare, with chairs, ottomans, or coffee tables in your house that seem to be a good height. Many people like a half inch lower for when they lie down and put their calves on the bench.

Dimensions and wood

The word is poplar wood and it’s stained a light color. Dimensions are the height provided. The width is 18 x 11.

Please send us the length from back of heel to back of knee for the bench height.

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