MBM Single Workshop on ZOOM

MBM Single Workshop on ZOOM


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Ageless Workshop Series: Individual Workshops

90-minute workshops

Saturdays 1:00 PM

Choose your date to attend the workshop.

*Recording not available to those attending a single workshop.

Each Workshop includes what makes the method beneficial. Also included are the Ball Placements, Breathing, Small Movement Therapy and Whole-Body Moves.

Below are the dates of individual workshops along with what will be emphasized in those workshops.

April 22nd and April 29th: Discover how to ease excess tension in your hips joints and discover a freedom of movement that will continue throughout your life. Improves low back stiffness, as will as Balance, posture and much more.

May 6th and May 13th: Head Neck and Shoulders. Relieve stiffness, while learning not to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You may discover that engaging these muscles different strengthen your core.

May 20th and 27th : Legs including an emphasis on knees and feet and how they relate to your leg joint. Relieve the pressure so many of us feel in our knees and feet. Learn how breathing can surprisingly improve your leg alignment. Whole Body Moves to lengthen and strengthen your body with ease.

June 3rd and 10th : Arms hands and elbows. The direction of our arms, the way the shoulders rotate is a direct connection to back muscles or they are stuck causing stiffness throughout the neck and shoulders. Freeing this area of the body truly feels amazing while we continue to incorporate oppositional stretches and Small movement therapy you can do almost anywhere at anytime!

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April 22, April 29, June 10, June 3, May 13, May 20, May 27, May 6